Investment Philosophy

Enam's investment philosophy reflects the deeply spiritual, balanced, and understated character of its founders, partners and senior team.

Long-Term Investing

We invest for the long-term and do not oscillate our investment decisions based on market cycles. We solely manage unlevered proprietary capital, allowing us the flexibility to disregard benchmarks and current macroeconomic conditions.

Margin of Safety

While evaluating our investment decisions, we look to combine the highest possibility of investment upside with the lowest risk of loss. This approach prioritises capital preservation rather than merely chasing speculative profits.

Bottoms-Up Approach

We believe superior returns can be achieved through a granular understanding of companies and their respective managements. The majority of our time is spent analysing each functioning lever of a company’s system and understanding how it creates value for all its stakeholders.

Invest in Management

We invest in management and their leadership abilities. We greatly value a management’s ability to efficiently allocate capital and believe this ensures the highest return on investment.

Contrarian Approach

Once we like a business’s fundamentals, we do not hesitate if our view is contrary to that of the Street. We value our independence and objectivity in taking investment decisions across sectors and segments of the market.

Degree of Upside

Focusing on the total upside potential takes precedence over number or frequency of “wins”. We believe in maximizing the absolute size of our investment returns.