About Us

Tracing its legacy to 1984, Enam Holdings is a privately owned and managed firm that makes long-term investments in listed companies, as well as backs entrepreneurs building valuable private companies.

We invest unlevered proprietary capital that keeps us free from constraints such as managing volatility, benchmark indexing and redemption pressures. This allows us to work closely with the owners and senior management of businesses that we invest in, staying focused on long-term value creation. Over the past three decades, we have been fortunate to invest in some of India’s leading growth companies through various economic cycles.

We have a value based and relationship oriented culture and investment philosophy. While we employ fundamental, bottoms-up research to identify companies with sustainable competitive advantages and execution capabilities, we are extremely focussed on the quality of management teams and governance frameworks of the companies we invest in.

As an ethical investment firm, we do not invest in businesses that involve intoxication, gambling or anything that harms living creatures.